want your own amazing science video?

OR a live performance by TOM?

We've got you covered.

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Is your science so amazing that it deserves its own music video? Do you work with diverse scientists whose stories might connect with students? Want to translate your science for outreach and broader impact? 

Tom and his production crew can help you produce the piece of science communication content your lab or company needs. Whether it's an elaborate music video, a simple songs, or an entertaining interview, Tom and his team offer a wide ranging menu of videos to help highlight your work.

To inquire about video for hire, use the contact page.


Tom has rocked school assemblies from New Zealand to Japan, and from Oakland to the Mississippi Delta. Students love the live concert experience, from crowd participation, to student performances, to "Shovelin'" to the Fossil Rock Anthem.

Tom works with schools to set up unique shows, tailored to the science material schools that students are learning. Tom helps to organize "pre-work" that allow students to prepare performances for the live show, and leaves schools with tool kits to continue to integrate music and video into their science curriculum long after Tom leaves.

To inquire about shows, use the contact page.


Have a group of students who wants to produce a video, but doesn't have the tools? Tom has tons of experience working with students of all ages to help them produce their own content. From "All the Salamanders" in the Smoky Mountains, to "All of the -ites" at the California Academy of Sciences.

To inquire about having Tom work with a group of students to help them make their own video, use the contact page.


If you're a biotech company or science lab interested in sponsoring a video, please let us know via the contact page!