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Tom offers a variety of trainings on culturally relevant pedagogy - how can you make a classroom environment that respects students' interests, talents, and cultures, while keeping your instruction rigorous and focused? Book here.


 Tom has hundreds of freely available videos across all science topics and all levels. From "Science History Battle Raps" to the "Science Rap Academy" to the NGSS-aligned scientist interview show, we've got you covered. Browse all videos by subject matter or by type.


 Making a full music video in a science classroom can take forever. These tools help you bring the joy and creativity of lyrical education into your classroom in a matter of seconds. Quiz students with fill in the blank rhymes. Then have them improvise raps at the end of the unit.

"It made me want to stay in school longer to be honest."

In spring 2017, Tom and his video producer visited a school in Dallas, Texas. Their science teacher - Ms. Bershell - had brough them together to create a rap based on the story of Hidden Figures. The result was a kickstarter campaign-funded music video called "On My Way Up (Hidden Figures Rap)."

One of the students decided to interview her peers about the experience.

"You do something like this, you get to show people that you can be something."

One of the first student projects Tom ever did was at KIPP Bridge in Oakland, California. He worked with a group of 7th graders there to create a science history rap battle between Rosalind Franklin and Watson & Crick. A few years later, ABC News with Diane Sawyer interviewed Tom and the students for a news piece.

"You're bridging the gap. You're making it cool to learn"

-Lil Jon


Hear what Lil Jon had to say about "Science With Tom" on the Meredith Vieira show.

"Tom’s workshop at SXSWedu 2016 was one of the highlights of the conference."

Tom’s workshop at SXSWedu 2016 was one of the highlights of the conference. He is an educator who practices culturally responsive pedagogy, and he utilizes music in a way that enhances the educational experience while keeping essential science content at the forefront. Attendees left the session with valuable strategies, which they were excited to implement with their students.
— Adam LeBow, GRAMMY Museum