There are so many ways to use Science With Tom tools in your classroom. 

Got two minutes to spare? Show a pre-made music video as a hook or review. 

Want students to write their own verse?  Have them write a "Verse Two."

Kids obsessed with a certain song? Have them perform over the karaoke version.

Got students who can rap? Beta test our science freestyle app.

Need to see whether students understood the unit? Check out our rhyming quizzes.


Watching videos is OK, but having students write their own is where the real learning happens. But how can you help scaffold that experience without using too much class time? Check out "Verse Two"!


Take student creativity and ingenuity with the "Learn Freestyle" web app - which allows students to display their understanding of science vocabulary by freestyle rapping. 


Passively watching videos doesn't do much to switch brains on. Have your students engage fully with a "Science Rhyming Quiz" where they can shout out the vocab word in each rhyming couplet.