Professional Development

Active and entertaining workshops, tailored to your school or district's needs.

Tom is an excellent presenter and an amazing teacher. He knows how to incorporate research-based strategies into instruction, articulate that information to teachers and uses examples from his own classroom as teaching points. Tom’s professional development in LCISD help to bridge the gap with struggling learners and he provided fresh ideas for our teachers. Tom is also a wealth of knowledge as it pertains to engaging students, classroom management, and high-quality instructional strategies. My teachers and administrators immensely enjoyed his presentations.
— William Jeffery, Science k-12 Instructional Coordinator (LCISD)


  • Creativity & Collaboration in the Science Classroom
  • Hip Hop & STEAM: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
  • Interdisciplinary adventures: Thematic integration across science, humanities, and beyond
  • Start your own "Science Rap Academy"
  • Contact Tom to discuss pricing and customization


Live Shows & Assemblies

Whether science festivals or school assemblies, Tom's live shows provide an adrenaline boost to your STEAM curriculum.

“Tom does an absolutely stunning live show. He is engaging students of all ages, his songs are educational, and he has a lot of energy to keep the crowd excited. Many of our students were inspired after his show to write a rap themselves about what they were learning in science class. We couldn’t have been more thrilled to have him as the main performer at our science fair and we will definitely be asking him back next year!”
— Jake Kaplove, Middle School Science Teacher (Marin Preparatory)


  • Shows can range from 15-45 minutes
  • They can be for any number of students, from a single classroom to multiple schools in an auditorium
  • Shows can be tailored to any grade level, and work well at science festivals, clubs, school assemblies, or a district training.
  • Schools can add-on a "Verse Two" or Karaoke workshop before the show so that students can perform live alongside Tom
  • Cost depends the variables above. Contact Tom to get a quote.