Dang. It’s a single-celled cafeteria

Take a look at all of these cyanoBACTERIA.

Looks like they’re having a rally.

(Note that some people call them blue-green ALGAE)

Got ‘em saying “What is meant by this?”

Well, they’re doing so much photoSYNTHESIS

That their cells are having quite the population boom

Like a flower -  it’s called an algal BLOOM

It’s not that they’re bad actors

It’s just a combination of environmental FACTORS

With too much warm weather mixed with bomb nutrition

They can outcompete theirCOMPETITION

Add extended droughts, without water flowing through

Now we’re really cooking up an algae STEW.

Are they toxic though?

Let’s see. Am I going swimming? NO.

So not always, but it should still make you quiver

Toxins can cause a rash or poison your LIVER

So as long as these algae stay winning,

Don’t let your dog or yourself go SWIMMING.