ANSWERS TO "FILL IN THE PLANCK #6: Rosetta's Last Day"


Was it talent? Or was it just lucky?

To land a spacecraft on a flying rubber ducky?

Nah it takes engineering flair and brain to go

To 67p/Churyumov–Gerasimengo

In an orbit that’ll make you want to vomit

That’s the price of getting close to a giant flying comet

We learned the comet wasn’t a sphere

Because two came together like a bagel with schmear

Gas and ice at the center that were ready to bust

So when a cliff wall would crumble it would spit out dust

And plus, while it was taking a gander

It also dropped down the Philae Lander

But Philae smacked - landed in a crack

Ran out of battery life and then faded to black

Now Rosetta’s gonna join Philae --  by crash landing

While sending back data to increase our understanding

We’ll be sure to miss ‘em

But the data gon teach us ‘bout the early solar system

What’s next? We’ll have to wait and see.

Much love to the Euro Space Agency